Marc Stickler Photography

  • Wildlife


    It is the adventure of wildlife photography, the magic of the unknown, and the hidden beauty of nature, that have been taking me to the most beautiful places on earth for many years. With my camera, I try to capture these unique moments to tell a story. Every nature image is an emotional image of myself and a reminder to life in the moment. My passion is to bring this beauty of nature photography to people through Wildlife Photography Safaris and workshops.

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  • Under<wbr>water


    More than 90% of our planet is covered in water. Our oceans are an essential habitat for animals and humans. From gigantic blue whales to colorful nudibranches, it is an experience to immerse yourself in this fascinating underwater world. With marine biology and underwater photography, I have found a way to explore this habitat and make beautiful underwater images. But also with the help of diving trips, photography workshops and exhibitions I try to sensitize people for this fragile unknown world.

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  • Land<wbr>scape


    Raging waterfalls of Africa, New Zealand's breathtaking light moods, the most beautiful inland delta in Botswana or the relentless dryness of the Chilean Atacama Desert - nature shows itself from its most beautiful side to those who bring along passion, time and peacefulness. Not always the photo is the goal. For me, the fascination lies in dedicating oneself fully to nature and getting involved in it. Very often you will then be rewarded with beautiful nature pictures and magical everlasting moments.

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  • Journeys in Africa

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