The Okavango Delta


For one year I was fortunate to be living in the Okavango Delta and to call Botswana my home. Ever since I am returning on a regular basis to, what I call and became, my second home. The landscape fascinates me and there is still alot to discover by helicopter, mokorro or car. The diversity in this relatively, small african country is enormous. You have rivers, desert, rocky areas with Tsodila hills, swamps and a very huge salt pan, the Makadikadi which can be seen from space. You have all of the big cats, a good population of elephants, hippos, buffaloes, reintroduced rhinos, and of course anthilopes. Birds, reptiles and amphibian animals can be found. My images in this gallery are from the areas around Xaxaba Island.

Botswana is definitely one of my favorite countries on earth. 
Should you be interest in visiting Botswana, I am hosting a photography safari next March.