Journeys in Africa

Botswana, 27/03/2019

Join us for an exclusive 7 night photographic adventure like no other, led by famed photographer and global Leica Akademie ambassador, Marc Stickler.
Experience an extraordinary photographic safari in the Okavango Delta with Marc Stickler and Belmond. Seize the unique opportunity to learn from Leica´s global ambassador while discovering the world’s largest inland Delta, a UNESCO Heritage Site, via helicopter, boat and 4x4 vehicles.

  • Photosafari Marc Stickler Okavango Delta Botswana Belmond
  • Photosafari Marc Stickler Okavango Delta Botswana Belmond
  • Photosafari Marc Stickler Okavango Delta Botswana Belmond
  • Photosafari Marc Stickler Okavango Delta Botswana Belmond


Marc Stickler is a marine and wildlife biologist, based in Salzburg, Austria. His past research has focused on Lemon Sharks in the Bahamas and Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. He has also lived in the Okavango Delta whilst conducting his thesis on the social behaviour of Chacma Baboons. This was where his passion for photography was born. “What you love you will protect “- conservation and sustainability are key components of Marc’s work. He instils environmental awareness, not only with his images but also through his writing and his blogs.

In collaboration with Belmond Safaris, Marc has designed a unique photographic safari into the heart of the Okavango Delta – eight days immersed in nature. Leica will provide the Leica S Cameras (mid format Camera) and lenses, giving guests the opportunity to photograph with one of the world’s leading camera systems. Customised seminars on photography, as well as the ecology, nature and wildlife of Botswana, offers a unique and personal flair to this extraordinary journey.

With Marc Stickler as your expert photography guide, he will expose you to the magic behind and infront of the lense. For Marc photography is an artistic craft to capture ones current emotional impressions. Embark on a magical journey with him through Botswana, which is one of the world's last great unspoilt wildernesses, with parched sands, lush savannah, and teeming with wildlife. In its midst, the mighty Okavango River flows into the sands of the Kalahari Desert to form the Okavango Delta, a haven for flora and fauna of every kind. 


27 March - 03 April 2019


US $ 11.300,00



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